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Trend Shopping Online Nicexx [2018 Updated] iPhone  Title : Nicexx [2018 Updated] iPhone 7 Plus Case/iPhone 8 Plus Case [New] Premium Luxury Slim Design Cell Phone Case [8 ft. Grade Drop Tested] iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus – (Black)
Description : 【BRIEF】 TS570 is used to identify the tin side of float glass and widely applied in glass deep- processing industry, and it has Built-in chargeable lithium-ion battery, long lifespan UV lamp and portable size. TS570 is a PCT patented product and also patented in Europe, the United States, Russia, South Korea, India and China. In China TS570 also has a design patent. 【INSTRUCTION】 1. Identify Tin Side Press the Working Button, then Working Indicator and the UV lamp are on. For the first time use or ten minutes interval reuse, press and hold the Working Button for a few seconds till UV light source gets stable. Three methods are followed. a. Transmission Viewing Press the Working Button and place the detector on the surface of the glass, then observe the light through the glass. If occur clear milky white “TIN” mark (see Picture 1), it means the glass side touching the detector is “tin side”. If not (see Picture 2), the side touching the detector is “air side”. This method is sui…
Features :

  • Clear indication and any light condition
  • 3000 hours long UV Lamp lifetime
  • Only 7 ounces with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Transmission detect
  • Harmless to eyes

Trend Shopping Online Nicexx [2018 Updated] iPhone  Trend Shopping Online Nicexx [2018 Updated] iPhone
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